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Curing the Rock

I decided that an additional 90# of cured Fiji live rock was in order. I ordered this from Flying Fish Express, as they are about the same or better than most rock dealers, and because of their size, they can swing better deals on shipping. It arrived in good shape, but needed curing, so curing is what I would do.

To cure the rock, I needed a container. Wal Mart was having a sale on 40-gallon Rubbermaid containers, so I scooped up one. It would be plenty sufficient for curing the rock. (This will take a turn for the worse later on, but for now I will spare you the details.) I put the tub in the garage to avoid the underside of a pier smell from permeating the house. (This later turned out to be very fortuitous, but again, I will spare you the details for now.)

I mixed up some saltwater to the correct specific gravity, and waited for the FedEx man to arrive. When I got the rock, I dipped it in a hyper-saline dip to scare off mantis shrimp, and then placed it, a couple of power heads, and a heater in the tub, closed the lid, and began the curing.

Now it was time to prepare the stand...

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