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The Crisis

Remember the Rubbermaid tub that I said turned out to be a bad idea? You know, the indestructible Rubbermaid tub with a half-life of 500 years; the one that can withstand being run over by an M-1 Abrams? Let me just say that they are not nearly as tough as that.

It is quite normal for me to call my wife during the workday, as I have a jobs that is conducive to it. It was during one of these calls that she asked me why saltwater was running out under the garage door. This caused me some alarm, so I cut out a little early to investigate.

Sure enough, the indestructible tub, was leaking, and about half of the water was gone. It was low tide in the tub. Time to do something.

Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, I had already filled and normalized the 75 with saltwater. If not, I would still be two-to-three days away from having enough de-ionized water to fill it. So, I began moving the rock into the new tank.

When all the rock was moved, I was able to see that the tub had spontaneously developed a crack in the foot. It had not been touched for days. Then, all of a sudden, leak. Man, I hate it when that happens.

So now, all of the rock is in the tank and things are back to normal. Now waiting is the order of the day.

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