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Green, Blue MushroomsThere are so many oddments that can go into a web site, I needed a catch all place to feature them. This is the place. In this section, you will find articles pertaining to all type of things, a voice chat room, a puzzle game, and a photo gallery of my personal tank (built for the most part with the steps in the Setup section).

Also, I have created an LFS database to identify the best Local Fish Stores around the world. If you know of one please enter it, or if you are looking for one, you just might find it here.

Reef Keeping Chat

This Voice Chat forum is, unfortunately, available only to Windows platforms running Explorer or Navigator 4.0 or greater. Please use the forums below to further your reek keeping skills.

The Reef Keeping Chat forum is a place to discuss reef keeping topics. If you involved in a discussion in this forum that strays from the intended topic, please move it to the appropriate forum.


Say good-bye to red slime algae for good. Make a few changes and get the redheaded step child to pack up and move out.
Don't let that starfish dissolve on you. Don't let your new clownfish pHreak out.
Tips and tricks on how to get your aquarium across the room or across the country.

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