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Example Setup - How Much and How To

Finger, Colt, ZooanthidsAll of the reading in the guide section is well and good, and, if you've read it, you have a feel for the basics. What we need to do now is put together a practical approach to assembling the system.

Before we get started, let me just say that what will be presented here is not the only way to do it. There are as many ways to setup a system as there are people setting up systems. What will be described here is a decent middle-of-the-road system that would work for both the beginner and the advanced hobbyist alike. I take no responsibility for the results if you follow this plan. It is a "use it at your own risk" tool. But it works for me as evidenced in the Photo Gallery, and should for you, as long as you do your homework first.

First we are going to talk about what a system like this costs, because if you don't have some disposable income, you need to rethink this. It is not exorbitant, but it is not free either.

After the hardware is identified we will go into how to put it all together, the right way. We will go step-by-step from the day you order the hardware to the day you add the first animal.

Lastly, we will talk about stocking maintenance-animals and putting in a few fish and corals. At the end of this setup, if you follow along, you will have a nice reef tank that will cause the non-reefkeepers to emit "ooohs" and "aaahs", and the reefkeepers will give you the knowing nod of approval. Once you get handy with it, you can add more spectacular species and pump and filtration options that will make your tank one that any reefkeeper would be proud of.

Let's go talk about money...

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