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There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet. And for us landlocked, out in the boonies, 100 miles to the nearest decent marine fish/coral dealer folks, there are some great places to buy dry goods and animals, and get a good deal too. I have availed myself of many of these resources, and have found some very good stuff out there. The following paragraphs identify some of the better resources that I have used. This is not an inclusive list of everything out there, just the good ones I've personally used. Some of these links are just links to sites that have a wealth of links; no real need to to repeat them all here.


These are the folks that provided me with the most useful information ever. There is always someone there to answer even the most mundane, stupid, or whacked question you might have.
This is a site maintained by aquarist for aquarists. It contains all kinds of articles and how-tos. Even a weekly chat featuring noted aquarists and biologists.
This is a pretty good "a little bit for everybody" site. Lots of links and lots of other distractions.
FINS, the Fish Information Network, hosts a bunch of stuff, but probably the most valuable is the Reef Keeper Frequently Asked Questions. You should give it a look see.
GARF, Geothermal Aquatic Research Foundation I think, is a good spot for coral propagation and do-it-yourself things. The web-site is a bit of a pain, but there are some pearls there if you are willing to dig.
Aquarium Frontiers has scads of fish/reef keeping info, including the article I referenced about commercial salt mixes by Dr. Craig Bingman.
Tampa Bay Saltwater are rock farmers. They grow out and harvest live rock in Florida. The rock is denser than any of the Pacific stuff, but it is environmentally friendly, and they actually ship it with water. No one else that I know of does this.
Jeff's Exotic Fish is a great on-line vendor. High quality animals at good prices. He is also helpful over the phone or in person. If you are setting up your first reef, don't miss his 9-corals-for-$99. It is a great way to get a jump start on a new tank.
Flying Fish Express is also a great on-line dealer. The stock is high quality and the staff is courteous. They even have a 5-day guarantee. That is hard to beat. They also have articles by Mike Paletta and Bob Fenner.
The folks at Aquatic Specialists are excellent. Great store and animals, but the web site needs a little help. Don't hold that against them. The most conscientious employee I have ever seen in a pet store works there.
Kathy and David Smith at Reef Encrustaceans are really sharp folks. They personally collect most of the things they sell. They even have an acknowledgment in Scott W. Michael's Reef Fishes Vol 1. They invited me into their holding facilities and spent a lot of time with me. Thank you both.

Dry Goods
Pet Warehouse, not Pets Warehouse, is a really good place for all kinds of marine aquarium supplies. The prices are good and the service is excellent. Most of my general purpose stuff comes from them. is the parent organization of Flying Fish Express. I haven't yet ordered from them, but if the price and quality is of the same or better caliber as Flying Fish Express, you cant go wrong.
That Pet Place/That Fish Place has all kinds of aquarium supplies at really good prices. I have spent a good deal of money there and will continue to do so, as I have yet to have a bad experience with them.
Marine Depot is a good spot for any psuedo-speciality reef supplies. Marine Depot does not generally deal in the bulk consumer goods and focuses more on the mid-to-high end hobbyist supplies, including lights and filtration and additives.
I have bought more cat items from than fish things. However, it is only because of there recent appearance on the web-scape. This is a professional outfit and they have treated me well.
I can't say that I have dealt directly with Jen's Saltwater Haven, but Kim, the proprietor, is an active member of the marine.reefs newsgroup, and provides sound advice, in my opinion. I would consider them a safe bet.


Let me say one more time for the record, this is by no means an all-inclusive list. I am sure that there are a thousand more of equal quality. These are the one that I have either used, trust, or know something about.


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