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New Oceanic 75

This is my new Oceanic 75g. It was a 10th anniversary gift from my wife, and came with the permission to spend what I needed to get it where I wanted it. (God, I love that woman).

I configured it with a 2x175MH 12000K lamps, 150# of LR, and I moved all of the animals, rock, and sand out of my original 40 on Sunday (9 April 00). I shot these photos on Wednesday the 12th. Not all of the corals have completely acclimated yet, but everything appears to be doing fine.

The photos are darker than the actual tank appears. I am not much of a photographer. Some people think that the 12000K lamps are too blue, but I like them.

If you want to see the process that went into migrating my 40-gallon into the new 75-gallon, check out "Building the 75g".




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