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Testing the Setup

Now that the tank is square and level and in the spot where it is going to stay, we need to find out if it holds water. Using your 5-gallon buckets, shuttle cold tap water from the bath tub to the tank, until the tank is full.

Blue MushroomsWhen the tank is full, get yout level out again and see how the floor is holding up. If the tank is off, we might need to move it before we go any farther. Assuming all is okay, straight, and level, take a towel and dry off all the seams and surfaces and make sure the exterior is dry. Now here comes the tricky part. Wait. Wait 24 hours and check again to see if the outside is still dry and not leaking. If it is leaking, you gotta get it changed now, not later.

If you have waited your 24 hours and you don't have any leaks, install your skimmer, heater, thermometer, and 3 of the four powerheads. Adjust your heater for 78° F. Plug everything in and allow them to run for another 24 hours.

If everything runs as advertised, we can now get down to business.

During the next few days, things are going to go slowly; perhaps slower than you would like them to. Therefore, now is a good time to install your lights in your canopy. Follow the manufacturers instructions and all should be fine.

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