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Example Setup - Conclusion

Now we have a fully functional reef. We have all kinds of livestock, from fish to corals, and things are happening. We have spent a lot of money and our significant others are wondering whether or not we will stick with it.Complete Setup

Now is the time that we need to settle into a routine of maintenance and enjoyment. Make sure you set aside just a few minutes each day to just veg-out in front of your tank. This is a great stress reliever and makes all the maintenance worthwhile. If you have kids, get them to sit down with you and point out all of the different animals and explain to them, in their terms, what each of the animals are and how they are different. Allow your loved ones to help you pick out the next addition. If everyone is involved, everyone will be able to help in some way.

Take things slowly. Don't try to fully stock the tank the first week, and always resist the urge for just one more specimen without first determining the emotional and biological impact on every other inhabitant in your tank.

Last, but not least, read every thing you can get your hands on. Books, web sites, magazines. The more you know the greater success you will have.

Good luck. I hope this has inspired and helped you.

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